Sewing Vintage with Tara Moss

Want try something new or keen to learn dressmaking basics and vintage styles? This is the perfect vlog and tutorial video series for you. Proudly supported by BERNINA.

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Tara Moss Author Victory Lamour AKA Tara Moss Berndt Sellheim Photographer


Date Posted: 23 June 2017  

In this episode Tara explores a different vintage while visiting a Steampunk festival in Oamaru, New Zealand.


New look, New season. An Interview with Gretchen Hirsch, known as Gertie.


Date Posted: 27 April 2017  

Learn how to put in a zipper - the easy way!


Date Posted: 20 April 2017  

Tara learns how to hand sew a hem using a herringbone stitch with Kerrie Hay, plus more viewer mail!


In this episode, Tara learns how to sew on a button the proper way.


Date Posted: 5 April 2017  

Not all sewing involves a sewing machine and in this episode Tara & Kerrie Hay, our National Product Educator, look at how to professionally attach a hook and eye.


Date Posted: 31 March 2017  

Tara explains how to wear an underbust corset and demonstrates how to properly put one on and take it off by using a self-lacing technique.


Date Posted: 21 March 2017  

Tara completes her underbust corset sewing course with corset maker and couture designer Lowana O'Shea of Vanyanis.

Make sure to catch the new viewer mail segment at the end! We know you'll love it!



Date Posted: 14 March 2017  

Laying out the coutil, measuring grainline, cutting out fabric and busk work,
extremely important elements in this episode from Tara.
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Date Posted: 6 March 2017  

Follow Tara's journey as she makes an underbust corset in a course featuring her sewing bee friends with corset maker
and couture designer Lowana O'Shea of Vanyanis


Date Posted: 28 February 2017  

In this first episode Tara Moss looks at getting to know your machine and what not to do with pins!