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Date Posted:1 June 2020 

Meet Mandy Murray from Sew Quirky

A big happy HELLO from me, Mandy Murray! I am the fun loving, creative heart behind Sew Quirky. I live in a coastal suburb near Bundaberg in sunny Queensland and love surrounding myself with positive, like-minded and creative souls. As a youngster I was free spirited and always pestering to make something. I was lucky enough to have learnt to sew at a very young age by my special Mum, who nurtured and encouraged my creativity immensely. My Mum still inspires me to this day, listens to my ideas and helps tremendously with Sew Quirky.

If I’m not in my studio, you’ll find me either cruising around in my retro car, “Teddy” a classic 1970 VW Beetle or enjoying the outdoors, fishing with my Dad, bike riding and kayaking. It is often during these activities when my mind is clear, the air is fresh, and my imagination is free to dream up my next quirky design. Other than my amazing family, friends and very supportive man, I have a cheeky little helper by the name of Toby, who is a playful Jack Russell. If you follow me on social media, I’m sure you’ve seen him!

In school I knew I wanted to be a teacher. It was my desire to inspire that led me straight from graduating year 12 into a High School Teaching degree majoring in of course… textiles! Teaching others fills my heart with happiness. It was during my teaching placements, that I learnt of the quality and reliability of Bernina sewing machines. I was always at ease seeing Bernina’s line the classroom walls, a familiar face you could say. I’m confident, knowing I can count on them for my students.

I could see the impact I had on inspiring my students in the classroom and I knew it was my destiny to share it further. Developing my own pattern brand and establishing Sew Quirky grew from my involvement in the sewing industry for the last 6 years. I am extremely grateful to have combined both my love of teaching and sewing into a successful business. Giving me opportunities to travel, exhibit and teach not only throughout Australia, but Internationally.

Developing my own sewing patterns has given me the opportunity to spread my love of creating with not only my local community, but the whole world! If you wondered what my favourite technique is, you could say I’m an Appliqué addict. It is evident when you look at my patterns that I love putting a modern twist on a traditional technique. When people see my designs, the most common comment I receive is, “WOW! this makes me smile”. I couldn’t wish for a sweeter compliment.   

Creating something handmade is so expressive and designing a pattern to share with others is more meaningful than first meets the eye. You never know where one of your designs will end up. Created with love from its maker and likely gifted, isn’t that so special? It could be welcoming a new little human into the world or even brightening someone’s day who may be suffering. Sewing has the power to even enlighten, relax and soothe the soul of the maker. This industry is pretty awesome isn’t it? That’s why I love it.

In life, many of us are in search of our purpose. I’m lucky enough to feel like I’ve been given a gift to share, to inspire the young and the young at heart. To build confidence in others through the power of education and establishing creative possibilities. I am so excited that I am now an official Bernina Friend. Why is this so awesome? Not only do I have the opportunity to work with this amazing sewing machine brand, but Bernina Australia shares the same passion as I for engaging and supporting a younger generation of sewists. If you haven’t tried Appliqué before, give it a go! Never be afraid to try something new and always remember that there is no need for perfection. Embrace your project for its uniqueness and celebrate your achievement.
Big smiles, Mandy

Visit Mandy’s website at and keep in touch on where Mandy is teaching and exhibiting via Instagram: @sewquirky and Facebook:

Mandy is more than happy to answer any questions about her sewing, patterns and classes. Please contact via email: or through social media platforms.


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